21 May 2010

I Caught You a delicious Bass!

Lunch among the pretty people.

PS: OMG GOSSIP GIRL + Chuck Bass! =( Please say it isn't so.

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h a u t e . m e s s said...

Hehe I love this post! I miss the days of the Met steps. The sound that came out of my mouth when I saw Chuck maybe "die" was absolutely horrid, I sure hope it isn't so... I find Mischa's style and look so intriguing. Never can get enough

Kelly said...

Ah! I know.. I love Chuck Bass, and I can't wait for next seasons GG. Love the photo of Nichole Ritchie.

Melissa said...

great photos!

Fashion Chalet said...

I gasped about CHUCK and tearfully explained to my boy why I looked so upset post viewing the finale. :(

I hope he makes it.

Love Nicole and Mischa lunching!


Martine said...

I think I missed something, what is (maybe) going to happen with Chuck :O ???
Great post, love Mischa <3

x Martine

kaye said...

oh i loove the stars when they're dressed up casually like that =)


joyce. said...

I love Gossip Girl, but we all know Chuck can't die! They'd loose too many viewers, although that could be applying now since Michelle Trachtenberg is incredibly annoying on the show!

Alexandra said...

i've decided that if he died im not watching gossip girl anymore. i mean really what's the point?


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