16 August 2010

Johnny Angel Should Wear Prada

Hot guys in leather (minus Terry), models in mussed up hair, french fries, old-fashioned hamburgers, Daria, Taylor Warren and Dree Hemingway. Yes, Sir!

[flickr, littleplastichorses, hanneli, tfs]


Fashion Chalet said...

Fries are the death of me!!! AH. I'm always substituting at restaurants because of it. But always find myself stealing off the others' plates.. ahah!

Daria is so cute in that pic.


Pao said...

Love the pictures! Those fries and burger look so yummy! That is my favorite food!

Mcmaris said...

Love the girl with the clear mirror glasses. Sick photos, yes sir is right!

AleRCRUZ said...

se me antojaron horrible las papas¡¡¡¡¡
love the pics, all ready have hungry i want french fries¡¡¡

Amalina said...

Hot guys in leather + that burger and fries... making me drool just a little.

Sarah Dee said...

Wow now im hungry....


Heather said...

Some great pics.

Header Image courtesy of Chow.com