11 September 2010

Tiny Ballet Dancer

Leg warmer love.



Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

I have been looking for some nice black warmers to go over black tights for when it gets a bit colder. love this. saw the rest of this shoot earlier too and v. nice.

Sarah Dee said...

Love these photos!


Maria Ana said...

Everything that has to do with dancing is beautiful!

natt said...

such a fit, beautiful body.
i've just started up dancing for the first time in 4 years [it's required i take it for the program in my school]. and i'm falling back in love with it all over again.

...these shots are lovely..


Emily Jean said...

wow. LOVE these photos. remind me of the old days when i actually danced.. reminisce :)


Moi said...

Stunning blog! I love this post as I am a former classical ballet dancer myself!

Fabulous taste in choice of posts too!


Moi said...

Stunning blog...love the choice of posts and images!

I love this post as I am a former classical ballet dancer!

Good taste! :-)


Zoe Gabrielle said...

Totally am going to the ballet tomorrow.



Header Image courtesy of Chow.com