01 November 2010

Fries and a Coke

Lily Donaldson & Gemma Ward



Susu Paris Chic said...

This is yummy!

Rebecca Maureen said...

Such a perfect clash of high end and guilty pleasures mixed with real life :)

Anonymous said...

great photo! I am a huge fan. I just started a blog and I would love for you to follow http://poorlilrichgal.blogspot.com/

Jen said...

Love, love, love. Especially their red lipstick.

The Haute Road

Anonymous said...

They look like mannequins!

xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com/

Diane said...

Your posts make the world such a nicer place! Really.

Great inspiration and mood buster.


Maria Ana said...

Just wow :)


Fashion Me Chic said...

What a beautiful picture. Models I hope do eat fries and dringk soda. I like your blog. I am your new follower. Hope you visit my blog and follow if you wish.


Mcmaris said...

Love this, they both look so cute!

Header Image courtesy of Chow.com