03 April 2011

Ice Cream Sunday, with a side of Gossip Girl!

Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, ice cream, Fashion, Gossip girl

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester manage to make eating ice cream seem like committing a sin. Everything on the Upper East side is sinful in taste and in drama though... isn't it?

* * *
I found the original (tiny) image (weheartit) and collaged it. I also added the colouring.
Please Credit if used. :)


Gabrielle said...

haha..totally true. But that ice cream looks really good right now though!! Love Gossip Girl <3

Love.Laugh.Life.Live said...

Exactly indeed!!damn I love ice cream..I miss gossip girl!

SAMANTHA said...

This is just amazing. I love it :)


gem said...

ahhhhh why is sin so attractive hahaha, miss gossip girl wardrobe....when is the next episode ?? is it done for this season?

Kimberly said...

great collage so cute!


Lily said...

Yes it is ! Love the photos !


DannieDukes said...

it does seem a bit sinful lol

The Stylist LA said...

What an adorable interaction...love these characters!

Joyce said...

love how you did that! =)

the original images were from the rolling stone issue they were on the cover of. it was last year or the year before, so if you're looking for larger ones i think you'll be able to find it =)

Unfinished Impressions said...

great job you have done!!

Header Image courtesy of Chow.com