08 May 2011

Valentino Dress

I want it.



Fashion Agony said...

Wow, it's fantastic!


SAMANTHA said...

woooooah. me too.


polkadotsky said...

Stunning dress!

polkadotsky said...

Stunning dress!

Vasilieva said...

that dress is superb, spectacular


ISA said...

Are you saying that the model wears a Valentino dress? Because this is not a Valentino's dress!!! Valentino would never do a dress like this! Maybe is Stefanel or Hiader Ackermann like the caption says!!! I want a clarification please!

Alena said...
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Alena said...

The magazine actually says it is leather haider Ackermann dress, not Valentino... With a wool cape by Stefanel

ISA said...

So this means that French Frosting has made a mistake or maybe she wanted say another thing in the title of the post!
By the way..Valentino would never make a dress like this..because he makes masterpieces!

Kimberly said...

damn isa needs to relax it's just about a dress it's not valentino we get it, still it's a gorgeous dress


ISA said...

Yes Kimberly but first I love Valentino and I know very well his work so I have to write it even if I look heavy! second, this is a fashion blog so we have to be precise..for me the dress isn't beauty..it looks like a fishing net! Who could wear it?

Bec said...

what's the brand matter.
i'd totally wear that.

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