12 April 2012

McDonalds Fries

The only thing I ever order from there.

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Tinacious Me said...

omg so many fries! love mcdonald fries bc they are so skinny! way more fun than chunky steak fries..
xo, Tina

fifi said...

lol that is all I order from there too!!!

Reptilia said...

i'm starving and now i only can think of these fries lol



Biba said...

Same here, I only order a happy meal for the carrots and pineapple with extra fries. The hamburger I give away. :)

kerker said...

mmmmm yummy! me too I love their french fries. When I was younger I use to have midnight cravings for it lol

xo kerker
The Ugly Moments

Unknown said...

I can eat a little ^ ^

Annie Mack said...

Looks so good! Love your blog!! Check ours out at smokeycanvas.blogspot.com!

XX Annie and Nicole

Nina Francesca said...

Ohh too good!! By far the best fast food fries.



dearsafia said...

hahah this is crazy, i love it! great blog too :)

follow back if you get a chance :) From Cupcakes, With Love x

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