05 February 2011

I Feel like Miranda Hobbes

Sex and the City, Miranda Hobbes, Chocolate Cake

Craving double fudge chocolate cake... except I wouldn't eat it from the garbage.. haha

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NO WAY. One of my favorite episodes, that and the one with "the chickens" on the roof ahahaha. When Miranda keeps ordering the same Chinese food from the giggly girl.

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Mary said...

She looks great in green & gold.

jada and jon said...

she's so cute. i have a friend that is just like her. so fun.



Lori said...

ha i dont watch alot of SATC but i do remember this episode. didn't she have to pour a kitchen cleaner or something over the cake in the garbage so that she wouldnt eat it anymore? lol

...look closer

ashlee said...

haha i saw this episode tonight too!

SAMANTHA said...

lol i love miranda, she's hilarious. great collage!


Melanie's Randomness said...

I always liked Miranda's character. She seemed the most real out of all of them sometimes. =P

Melanie's Randomness

Anonymous said...

I just watched this yesterday on E!
Hahahah wait how good did Miranda look when she's on the couch with that man who keeps calling her sexy from the gym. Her hair and make up with that little black dress was killer.

Avant Guardian said...

I LOVE your blog but this is by far your best post yet. I could totally go for some roof chicken and garbage cake right now!

Cole Murphy said...

haha so funny i just watched this episode ! the chocolate cake looks good thoughh

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