19 April 2010

Models do Eat!

They just know how to keep it healthy and in moderation.

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ANNA K.O. said...

i just found your blog, i love all the pictures! one time i did a model thing for my school's fashion show...i have never eaten so much food in my life than backstage at a fashion show!! ironic, lols


reiintokyo said...

cuuuuute collection of pictures! who doesnt breathe out a sigh of relief when seeing models harfing down some food? haha
definitely following you<3

www.allmylittlewordsonline.com said...

People need to stop making things like this a big deal. Everybody is born different.

lolacherrycola said...

Hey there I just stumbled across your blog found it on bloglovin...love it..and this post comforting to know that models can enjoy food too!!x o

Fashion By He said...

love the behind the scene shots, great blog

can we link exchange?


Mona said...

i really like these photos, i agree. they are normal people like us and of course they eat, its probably just a healthy diet (:
i really like your blog, maybe we can follow each other?

xx mona

M said...

mmm but how often do they eat? well in all honesty when interning at a showroom in Milan we had cathering and all the models ate even dessert for lunch and dinner and yeah it was healthy food and small portions of dessert but still

La Dolce Vita said...

hey!!! i really love your blog

interesting posts and beautiful pictures

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