12 April 2010

Natasha Poly does Starbucks and Chanel

Supermodel Natasha Poly. Photography by Terry Richardson.

I'm hungry for some Starbucks coffee, frosted cupcakes and ice cream. I'll pass on the chicken.. haha.



Rain said...

I loved this editorial the moment I saw it. It is nice to see the photos on this scale. I've only seen them very small.


deep_in_vogue said...

Terry's instantly recognizable and Natasha's soo beautiful!

Fashion Chalet said...

LOVE HER AND THE FOOD - I'll also pass on the chicken (and Granny glasses!) hahah! :)


Taylor Sterling said...

love this photo shoot!!

Miri said...

One of my favourite editorials - thank you so much for posting!

Joyce said...

this is perfect for your blog! hehe. what magazine was it for & when did it come out?

Davidikus said...

The editorial is nice enough but "am I alone in thinking" that this realistic/verist(ic) approach to photography has run its course? Especially in fashion photography... I have seen quite a lot of this style for the past 20 years and would love to see something different. Fashion photographers used to renew themselves constantly (cue: Avedon, Frank Horvat, Cecil Beaton, Baron de Meyer). Now they seem to find one idea & stick to it!

As I said, the editorial is good, though.


agnes szucs said...

She looks so cute in these photos!
That smile!
Was this made for VOGUE Paris? I guess.
David is not alone thinking that this kind of photography is starting to get tiresome. But I don't think the big ones constantly renewed themselves. I think they also kept sticking to one idea, only, it was a different idea.
I'm normally not into the photography of Terry Richardson, but this editorial is really cute, doesn't try to be shocking under the gise of realism.

Header Image courtesy of Chow.com