03 April 2010

Silver Bells and a bowl of Granola

Erin Wasson wears silver hair accessories at Fashion Week. Mouse Ears on cakes and hats. Yellow flowers make breakfast just that much more charming.

[refinery29, tfs, simplybreakfast]


Leesa said...

um yum and YEP I love ERIN too!!

Rain said...

Erin looks so young in that picture.


Tessie said...

I like the rare candids and love the Mickey Mouse hats :)

Skye said...

Oh my god I love those Mickey Mouse cupcakes. It makes me reaaaally want to bake them. If I do tonight (which I totally might!) I'll send you pics. How cute!

Fashion Chalet said...

I wore my Mickey tee today cute coincidence! <3


Header Image courtesy of Chow.com